woensdag 3 juni 2009

heej :D!!

maaike said that I shall tell a little more about us :P
before i tell tell about us i want to say one thing: MY ENGLISH IS RUBISH =')
Maaike would later correct my mistakes, oke ;P?
Oke, here about us:
Maaike is the clever one, her english is really, really good :D
I am not as smart as maaike, but definitely not stupid =')
We both totally love fashion (L) and also we love music! :) ( but Maaike likes it the most)
and Maaike said before, I love to draw. The whole day i'm busy with drawing ;)
i will post my drawings here. I love too draw and take photoos :)
She has the ideas, I work them out :P
So whe are going to write about fashion, friends, music, holiday, tv etc. etc. :P
Maaiek is going too post the first real post, so: see you (hopefully) later :D!
see you later

xSprinkleDip :)

ps: i hope u guys would follow us :) thnx :)!!
ps2: we are AM: Amarins & Maaike :D!

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